Habushu is an awamori-based liqueur made in Okinawa, Japan. Other common names include Habu Sake or Okinawan Snake Wine.

・Snake Wine 600yen


Japanese Restaurant and Music Bar

Takenotsuka is a restaurant and music bar.

Cash On Delivery in the system, you can fully enjoy in less money.

It's international place, many foreigners and Japanese people coming.


Located close to Flag ship Tokyu Department store.

You can request your favorite songs for free.


you can use our wifi for free

you can charge your mobile phone and PC for free

you can request your favorite songs for free

Please tell for stuff if you need.


No charge, Cash on delivery

it's Probably the cheapest bar in the center of the city and around  nice club area. they serve good japanese and fusion food.It's the perfect place to start the night by drinking some beers beforeyou go out to a more trendy ,more expensive place.


Opening Hours

Every day 

18:00 PM to Late at night





4F koike building 2-23-1 dougenzaka,

shibuya-ku, tokyo,japan

Tel 03-3476-2385